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Gin: Understand Why This Became The Drink Of The Moment - The New York News Day

Gin: Understand Why This Became The Drink Of The Moment

If you enjoy having a good drink to relax during a meeting with family or friends or to relax after a long day at work, you have probably heard about the new darling of bartenders: the Gin. Despite being considered one of the oldest distilled drinks made by man, Gin has reappeared on the drink menus of bars and restaurants across the world as the favorite option for those who want to taste something classic but different. But why is Gin again the center of attention when it comes to drinks?

Gin Medicine

To better understand the success of Gin, it is interesting to explore its origin a little and, mainly, how this drink was developed. The first recipe for the drink, created in the 17th century in Holland, was developed to be an alternative formula to diuretic drugs used to treat kidney diseases. Its main ingredient, Juniper, is a fruit known for its benefits to the renal system but which, in the form of medicine, has not resulted in significant patient benefits.

However, the aromatic flavor of Gin conquered many palates, allowing it to be popularized as an alcoholic beverage. Even though it was created in Holland, Gin only became popular when it arrived in England and gained more quality in its production. The English, therefore, was responsible for creating the best formulations of the drink we know today, with characteristic flavors and aromas.

The formula that is bottled and distributed around the world takes, in addition to Juniper, some herbs and spices such as corn, barley, cinnamon, rye, coriander, and cardamom. Sophistication is the reason for the success which is the different of gin and vodka (จิน ต่างจาก วอดก้าอย่างไร which is the term in Thai)

Gin Preparation

Despite having been a highly successful drink in the 1980s, Gin was ostracized with the arrival of the 90s and 2000s and the search for more practical and ready-to-drink drinks. What brought this classic back to shelves across the country and worldwide was precisely its sophistication, which made the 90s generation abandon the drink.

Around 2007, renowned European chefs chose to end their workday on very hot days with a large glass of Gin Tonic with plenty of ice. When they found the perfect way to enjoy this drink, they returned some recipes to the drinks menu, and the success was instantaneous.

Anyone who believes it’s easy to prepare a good glass of Gin Tonic, for example, doesn’t know that there are specific rules and techniques to assemble a good cocktail. The same is true of other well-known derivative drinks of the drink, such as the Negroni. As they are tasty and striking, the challenge of finding a good drink with Gin has become as exciting as having a good beer or a glass of exceptional wine.

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