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Top 4 best tips if you are Tutoring for the 1 grade entrance exams in English - The New York News Day

Top 4 best tips if you are Tutoring for the 1 grade entrance exams in English

If you are a mentor and help kids in preparing for their exams then you should focus on your overall growth. Kids will adapt to learning in English if you try to have some fun with them while learning. You can add more fun in Tutoring for the 1 grade entrance exams in English [ติว สอบ เข้า 1 อังกฤษ, which is the term in Thai] if you try to follow the tips carefully. 

  • Make a timetable 


If your students have to prepare a timetable of their own then you should be the one helping them in doing the same. Making a timetable for a dedicated exam will help them to be ready for the exam. In other words, they will become much more serious about their studies and exams. They will listen to all your words carefully after this. 

  • Focus on pronunciation 


You have to track their pronunciation very minutely to keep their cognitive skill in check. You can provide them with words they can pronounce in front of you. If they make mistakes in pronouncing then you would rectify them at that time. You need to be very consistent with this habit. 

  • Check to spell 


After pronouncing the words, you should ask them to write the same word in their books. Most of the time kids make mistakes in writing the words. Therefore you have to keep your eyes open while doing this activity with them. You will correct their spellings and ask them to rewrite the words. 

  • Prepare a list of words 


You should also make a list for them to learn English words faster. You can add daily use words to that list and revise the list every weekend. You can track their progress and guide them to learn new words accordingly. 


Finally, in grade 1 exams, children have to answer a few questions. Therefore, if you can talk in English with them on a daily basis then they can perform better. 


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