Some Good Telugu Movies Of All Time

Movies can always uplift your mood and make you feel better if you choose the right one. So if you are looking for some of the best Telugu Indian movies online that can make you feel good and leave a happy after-effect, you should watch the film called “Gypsy.”


“Gypsy” is a romantic road movie in Tamil and released in 2020. It was directed and written by Raju Murugan. The producer was Ambeth Kumar, Santosh Narayanan and Susheela Raman gave the music. The cinematography of “Gypsy” was given by Selvakumar S. K., Raymond Derrick Crasta did the editing, and Olympia movies did the production. The film featured Jiiva as Gypsy, John JeetKannadi as Young Gypsy, Natasha Singh as Waheeda, Lal Jose as Muthaleef in the leading roles. Many other supporting actors like Sunny Wayne, such as SakhavuBalan, Yasmeen Khan as Waheeda’s mother, Sushila Rahman as a Varanasi resident, and many more.

About the film

This 161 minutes long Tamil film faced many censorship troubles as various sensitive religious and political issues were lightly depicted in the film. However, with some minor cuts, the film was released in March 2020, and you can watch such Indian movies online on AHA. 


The film is about two individuals who fall in love while they travel on the road. The story is about “Gypsy,” who is a nomad because he was lost in the riots that had taken place in Kashmir while he was still an infant. He neither knew about his name nor his religion, so when a kind stranger found him, he was named “Gypsy,” which translates as ‘nomad.’ The stranger known as Senior teaches him a lot about life and freedom. 

The one life-changing principle that he learns from his childhood is that he is a free bird not bound by religion, caste, or community. Senior also teaches and that in life, one needs a partner who could help him have beautiful memories and someone whose face he could remember before his death. “Gypsy” remains hardcore to these principles, and upon meeting Waheeda, played by Natasha Singh, he teaches her these principles. It was love at sight for them. However, he quickly understood that Waheeda is not a free bird. Her community, family, religion bind her, but she also aspires to get freedom from these chains that bind her. Eventually, everything good in the film till now goes topsy-turvy as they get entangled within a communal riot. 

What to expect

It is a romantic film which has many shots of tourist places all around India. However, it is not restricted to romance only because it contains many political and social themes. It is filled with action-packed scenes, especially in the second half of the film, and there is a lot of darkness and brutality playing in the background. In short, Gypsy is a full-package that can also be categorized as one of the best Telugu action movies online that you can watch.

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