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Leather Shoulder Holsters, Sounds cool Eh? - The New York News Day

Leather Shoulder Holsters, Sounds cool Eh?

A Holster is a holder used for carrying a handgun or any other firearm use. Quoting in simple words, it is a case for carrying a gun. It is usually manufactured with leather. It is worn in a place from where it can be easily accessible; like a belt, under the arm, shoulder, ankle, etc. The leather shoulder holster contains a holster and harness. The holster has an adjustable quick-release feature to ensure safety and also permit quick pulling out of the gun. There are different types of holsters depending upon their functions and needs. Some of the varieties of holsters are crossdraw holsters, pocket holsters, leg or ankle holsters, bag or purse holsters, inside the waistband holsters, outside the waistband holsters, and many more. They serve different purposes. One of them is a shoulder holster. It is best suited for plain-clothes law enforcement who require to conceal a full-size pistol.

A leather shoulder holster is a leather case that is hung from the shoulder of that person’s body and comes down to the arm and is worn under the arm. This way the handgun case falls underneath the coat or jacket worn by the operator. In leather shoulder holsters also, there are types of holsters based on the direction pointed by the gun. The first of all is the vertical holster. This holster lies against the body of the shooter or operator. The firearm in this holster is placed in an upside-down direction that is pointed downwards. Then is the horizontal holster. In this holster, the handguns lie horizontally so it becomes easy to pull out the guns quickly when needed. The thirst one, in the list of leather shoulder holsters, is the 45-degree holster.

This holster carries the gunpoint facing upward, at an angle of 45°. This ensures better concealment for revolvers and is more convenient. The best of all the leather shoulder holsters is; Galco Classic Holster System, Aker 101 Holster, Masc Holster Suede Shoulder Rig, Alien Gear ShapeShift Holster, Gunslinger Leather Rig, etc. The leather shoulder Holster is also used for holding two pistols. The verticals of it, comfortably carry two pistols. This holster also comes with various pros and cons. The pros are; when seated, a shoulder holster allows fast access to the gun. The Shoulder holster generally holds in one layer, so it is convenient to carry. These leather shoulder holsters have become one of the bestsellers and are in too much demand. These are favored by many shooters for the concealment and comfort they give. The leather lasts for almost a year. However, choosing a very good quality may last longer. They are budget-friendly as they are available for 1/3rd or 1/4th of the price of the other holsters. The beginners can even get it for cheaper rates, before going for expensive, complicated models.


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