French bulldog Basic Care and Maintenance: all the necessary aspects

It is already known that a good owner will do everything possible to make your pet clean and comfortable. Frenchie is not a difficult dog to care for and on the contrary, it makes things a lot easier for you.


Like the rest of the breeds, the Frenchie dog needs a balanced diet, having to choose from the wide variety of foods specific to this breed with all the nutrients it needs. You keep in mind that this breed tends to be overweight, first because of the genetic tendency itself and secondly because they are not very athletic. Another weakness is the sensitivity of your stomach, so you shouldn’t give them more than the specific food. If you decide to change the ration, do it gradually.


The hygiene of a pet is essential to provide adequate coexistence in the home, an aspect that you cannot neglect. There are two parts of the French bulldog (ears and eyes), for which you will pay special attention. It is recommended to clean them daily using saline with gauze to avoid infections, always towards the eye outwards. Use gauze for each eye. With regard to the ears, that part of your body gets very dirty. It is recommended to wipe with a gauze pad to remove the most superficial internal dirt.

Dental hygiene

One aspect that you cannot neglect is your Bulldog’s oral hygiene. His teeth will require a brushing at least three times a week. A practice that is not much appreciated by your friend, so it is necessary that you get used to it since you were a puppy. If during brushing you notice brown spots or bad breath, both symptoms can cause infections or tartar.

Bathing and drying

When bathing your dog, an important aspect that you should take into account is if he does not suffer from skin allergies. The size of the French bulldog requires the search for a good place to bathe, where he is comfortable and you have enough space to dry. One bath a month is recommended and always using warm water.


It is best to brush his hair 2 or 3 times a week. Brushing should always be done from head to tail. In the folds of the dog’s face they tend to accumulate dust and dirt, so you must clean wrinkles at least once a week to prevent infections and what fungi appear. To do this, just use a wet towel or cotton with water.

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