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CBD ONLINE: Buying CBD and receiving it at home anonymously - The New York News Day

CBD ONLINE: Buying CBD and receiving it at home anonymously

You can’t smoke Cannabis ordered in a CBD online Shop but everyone still buys it. Legal marijuana in Italy is a business worth 40 million. The market is booming and now also thanks to CBD THERAPY, an Italian start-up based in Florence , “light” cannabis can be bought in CBD Online stores. It’s weed that doesn’t get you high, with the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) limit below 0.6 percent, the legal limit tolerated. After a boom in the past year in CBD physical stores, business is moving to the CBD Online Market .

CBD ONLINE : Legal marijuana

“Our flowers are sold legally because they do not contain active ingredients that are considered ‘Narcotic,’ complying with legal regulations,” Gianluigi, founder of CBD THERAPY, a start-up that has been active since 2018, explained  “THC values (tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive principle of marijuana, ed.) do not exceed 0.6 percent, the limit tolerated by law.” Light hemp, which does not get you high, but of absolute quality. “The final product comes from seeds that are guaranteed by the European Community” he adds.

The typical customer

The typical person who buys legal marijuana in a CBD Online shop is certainly not the kid looking for a “ high experience “. The profile of the typical customer is well defined. “Aged between 30 and 50, those who buy on our website, www.cbdtherapydelivery.it  are quality-conscious and look for a specific product with precise characteristics“. On the web, high CBD (cannabidiol) hemp is referred to as a “room fragrance,” but customers’ use of it is obvious. CBD is the second main molecule contained in cannabis, with properties that can relax and improve sleep.

The legislative gap for CBD online

The legislation, as is often the case in Italy, is pretty confusing. Hemp sold in CBD Online stores are legal, with its THC within limits, but there is no intended use. Room perfumer or material for technical use, it says on the label of those who sell CBD Online or Physically, but it is clear that it is not a collectible product.

At home anonymously

And while franchise stores continue to open, pending more defined regulations, the new frontier is CBD online commerce. Taking a trip to the CBD THERAPY website, one can choose from several varieties: neat packaging and affordable price. An anonymous package arrives at your door containing our best CBD Cannabis strains.

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