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From "Chicken Dance" to Mexican Hat Dance - The New York News Day

From “Chicken Dance” to Mexican Hat Dance

It appears as if regardless of how lengthy I recognized the truth that the “chicken dance” always preceded negotiations, I usually was learning new steps towards the dance routine. Although the ultimate purpose of the dance — to achieve power or position — never changes, adding the component of a brand new culture towards the mix, tends to bring additional, and somewhat different, steps towards the dance routine.

Within the situation that follows, the “chicken dance” pulled out during a period of years, and eventually, entered the border into Mexico where it grew to become commingled with a few steps in the “Mexican Hat Dance” — a fascinating combination as you would expect!

Simply to set happens, I used to be employed by Ford in Mexico throughout the period 1974 – 1977. At the begining of 1980, I had been the company planning manager for just one of Ford’s component manufacturing divisions in Michigan. In those days, all the division’s manufacturing operations were situated in southeast Michigan.

Towards the extent the division needed additional manufacturing capacity, I assumed they should you should consider creating operations in Mexico. There have been significant benefits of locate there when it comes to lower labor costs, government incentives, in addition to export credits to mention a couple of.

In my experience, it appeared just like a “no brainer,” and that i convinced myself that everybody would register to be around the team to build up the work. Accordingly, I generate a ending up in the overall manager and along with a couple of department heads, and asked these to an exhibition outlining the advantages of locating in Mexico versus building more new facilities within the same section of Michigan. I had been so certain of myself which i wanted all the “top dogs” within the division to become there to sign up. The meeting was attended through the gm, “Gregarious Bob,” who obviously was positioned in the mind on the table. “Gregarious Bob” was between his controller, and the director of operations. Also sitting down along each side on the table were the director of human sources, all local plant managers, and pretty much every other manager who caught wind from the meeting. I, obviously was sitting down in the far finish on the table, opposite “Gregarious Bob.”

When I searched the area, it had been a complete house and that i involved to guide things i believed would be a well orchestrated dance. I have to admit that looking back, it believed the world was searching lower at me.

Well, I outlined the proposal to “Gregarious Bob” who very rapidly explained which i should be from my thoughts. He intensely advised me he thought that southeast Michigan was the best location, and the man would not consider operating or living outdoors the united states. Because he says the language, he’s flushing from red to crimson, and also the veins in the neck made an appearance prepared to explode. It had been about this time the dance routine altered significantly. Each of the department heads and managers either leaned back from the table or really pressed their chairs away from the table. Apart from the transfer of position delivering a obvious signal which i had simply no support, additionally, it gave “Gregarious Bob” a significantly clearer shot at me!

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