The All You Need to Know Introduction to Torrenting

What are the Most Popular Torrent Sites in 2020?

Catching up on the latest shows in the evening is a hobby shared worldwide and has become the norm for most households. 


As DVDs tend to spend more of their time on the shelf more and more people are finding it easier simply to log on to the Internet and download exactly what they want to watch, when they want to watch it. 


This can be done in a variety of different ways, with online streaming giants like Netflix being just one option. Perhaps the next in line is the use of a torrent site. But what is a torrent?


Torrent Sites

Much like some of the best loved streaming sites online, torrent sites also host a wide range of online content for viewing purposes. A main difference between torrents and streaming sites is that torrent content can be uploaded by virtually any user on the platform, also meaning that content available can also be more niche than big names on the market.


In order to watch content uploaded on to a torrent site users have to download the content on to their chosen device. This is usually done on a PC, laptop or tablet. Simply searching for siti torrent on your go to search engine will head you in the right direction in no time.


Gaining access to torrents

Not all torrent sites online are available to be used in all territories. There are a great number of countries which have deemed fit to ban the use of torrent sites, however this opinion is not completely worldwide .

In order to make the most out of torrent sites the best way to gain all round access is to connect to the Internet via a VPN. A VPN, also widely known as a virtual private network, has many benefits which largely surrounds the concept of increasing security while working online. However, there is one major advantage of using a VPN which many users actually use the service for. 

Most VPN services have a network of servers which are located in various different countries around the world. Being so widespread over a vast distance, many users across the globe can make use of the services as long as they have a connection to the Internet. 

If you are looking to use a torrent site in a country where the use is forbidden, a VPN could be the only solution for you to watch the shows you want to catch up on.

Using VPNs

But how does the VPN actually help here? When logging on to the Internet via a VPN service, you are automatically allocated an new IP address for that session. This is the coding that reveals where in the world you are logging on to the Internet from. 

So if you connect to the Internet via an Italian server while in France for example, your new code shows you as being in Italy, immediately giving you access to more content.


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