Here Are Important Facts About Santa Letters!

The fall season is about to blend into the Christmas revelry, the biggest festival of the year. There is going to be an ample amount of eating, dancing, singing and maybe going on a vacation, too. Amidst all these fast-moving things, the one thing which deserves its sweet little time is the old tradition of writing Santa letters.

Starting from the 1800s till two decades back, Santa accepted letters posted to the North Pole. Now, Santa has learned to be updated with time and sends and receives mails. However, with time, the relevance of this tradition seems to have faded a little. Children in today’s times are way more advanced and not one bit gullible to believe in the innocent myth of Santa.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of parents to keep that innocence intact and keep the children away from the advent of technology. Their childhood shouldn’t be assailed by spoiling the essence of fun, old traditions.

Now, the tradition’s earliest stage had a different take rather than what it is today. Unlike, in recent times, it was Santa who sent letters to children and not the other way round. This was a tactic used by parents to discipline their naughty wards. Using the myth of Santa, parents would later claim how Santa does not like naughty kids and the little mischief-mongers wouldn’t get gifts if they did not be good around the year.

Now, writing Santa letters is one thing, and that reaching him has another history. Santa was supposed to pick letters from the fireplace or scaling down the chimney. Sometimes, children would attach the letter to balloons and that would find its way to the North Pole.

In the United States, letters written to Saint Nick would be stashed in the Dead Letter Office department. Later, some departments of newspaper agencies wouldn’t encourage kids to write Santa letters and they would reply on Santa Claus’ behalf. Many celebrities have also helped the organizations to respond to the hand written requests with gifts and replies.

However, now the handwritten notes are a thing of the past with the Internet making everything easier and quicker. Santa Claus can be mailed through various websites online and asked for gifts and replies. However, choosing the ought website is necessary because the personal information shared by kids can be misused.

Father Christmas, the patron of the festival all across the globe is seen as an affable figure by children. Pouring down their thoughts is therefore not a tough task for children. Writing Santa letters can also be a wonderful purgatory exercise for children to release pent-up thoughts and emotions. Any bad experience or suffering can be addressed as children feel Saint Nick would alleviate their fears and sufferings.

Parents should encourage children to write Santa letters as this is one of the simplest ways of developing creative faculties. Decorating cards, asking for gifts, and waiting for the gifts can help develop attributes of humility, gratitude, and kindness.

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