7 Tips When Shopping For Wedding Keepsakes

When you’re planning a wedding, there’s a long list of things that you need to prepare and secure. Somewhere on that list is that one important item that will help you show your appreciation to your guests: wedding keepsakes. To better convey your thanks, opting for personalized gifts rather than regular ones is a great decision.

But how do you properly and wisely shop for wedding favors? Here are seven tips.

Identify your goal with your keepsakes. Do you want something that your guests can use in the long run? Or do you visualize it to be something that they can display as a home decoration? Or, perhaps, you’re thinking of giving a box of goodies? When buying personalized gifts that will serve as your wedding favor, you have to first be sure of your purpose. This will help you narrow down your choices.

Make sure they’re aligned with your wedding theme. When choosing keepsakes, you also have to consider what your wedding theme is. If you’re holding a rustic garden wedding, you can give succulents as your souvenir. If your wedding is happening by the beach, you can opt for a clear glass vase that can be filled with sand. If you want to be more generic (e.g. Keepsake boxes, clocks), you can still align it with your wedding theme by customizing its packaging.

Make it meaningful through personalization. Receiving a personalized present is heartwarming. So if you want to touch the hearts of your wedding guests, giving them customized wedding favors should be on your to-do list. It will help them remember your wedding celebration better. Plus, you can also include and short but sweet message appreciating their coming to your special day.

Search for a trustworthy supplier. The quality and durability of the personalized gifts for your wedding will depend on your supplier. This is why you have to take the time searching for a reliable wedding favor vendor. Your supplier should accommodate your customization needs while being able to deliver your orders in a timely manner.

Request for samples first. Because weddings are a very special occasion, every element of it should be special as well. As for your wedding keepsakes, you don’t want to hand out something of low quality or something with defects. This is why as a precautionary measure, every couple and wedding organizer is advised to order samples first. This will help you gauge if your supplier can give you a product that fits what you have in mind.

Know how much you’re ordering. This one depends on your budget, how many your guests are, and what kind of wedding keepsake you’re giving. If the favor is on the more economical side, you can order one for each guest. If it’s pricier, you can consider ordering for each family or couple attending. And just to be safe, you should also allocate a portion of your budget for some extra orders. This will come in handy if someone who initially said hat they’re not attending suddenly changes their minds.

Plan where you’ll be placing your favors. Wedding keepsakes also serve as a great design element on your wedding day. Especially if they’re thoroughly crafted and packaged, they deserve to get some spotlight. Therefore, you have to carefully think about where their placement should be. It should also be easily accessible so you can conveniently hand them out once it’s time to.

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